Boxer Comix Classics: “Patrick Swayze Must Be Destroyed”

Posted by Jonathan on Tuesday Sep 15, 2009 Under Comics

Unfortunately, Red Dawn/Ghost/Outsiders star, and all around pleasant chap, Patrick Swayze passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer.   So, this may seem a little inappropriate to post, but I actually think it’s a fun comic and may serve as bit of an odd tribute to the eldest Wolverine.

Originally created around 2003, this comic was commissioned for a zine that never actually ended up getting printed.  The originals are rumored to have been eaten by a dog, so this remained my great “lost” comic for many years.  Until last year, that is, when I was digging through a bunch of old artwork and found these fairly decent photocopies of the original pages!  They seem to have been made before the story was finished, pencil marks are still visible as are a few errors.  But alas, it’s the best version that exists, and the story has been without an audience for too many years.

The story was based off a joke one of the magazines editors made about Patrick Swayze’s face looking like a “cheap Halloween costume”.  I was asked to create the story around that joke, which I have to admit I thought was pretty funny.  Not wanting to be totally cruel, I decided to make it more of a Mad magazine style send up, and even have Mr. Swayze coming out on top (literally) at the end.

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen, PATRICK SWAYZE MUST BE DESTROYED!

Click the thumbnail, and enjoy.

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Interview with Sequential Tart!

Posted by Jonathan on Monday Sep 7, 2009 Under Comics, News

Recently, I had a digital sit-down with Mary Borsellino from Sequential Tart.  We talked about the history and future of Heartbreak, as well as some other fun geeky stuff.

Check it out at: